Friday, 26 February 2021

Title this something that catches their eyes

This week I have been reading a book called Clash by Colin Mulhern its about a story of two boys changing to each others perspective on whats happening around. 

Why is the text written the way it is?: Because there is two sides of the  story, one about a normal school boy called Kyle that is a great artist and another about a school boy called Alex that has problems with his farther and does illegal cage fighting and his farther bets on him, he may have stole one of Kyle's art because he liked it.

What questions about itself does not raise?: There is a fighting ring where people go to fight, since it is illegal its at a hidden location like a warhouse or abondoned docks (where it is) and they go there to bet on who will win and who will lose.


Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Car Crashes

Slides: Car Crashes

In this topic in Health, we had to research a topic what is a problem in New Zealand and how we might be able to help, click the link above for some information. 

Monday, 9 November 2020

Tsunami Experiments

  1. How do earthquakes cause tsunamis? Vibrations from the earthquakes cause tsunamis because the waves go away from the vibrations. Earthquakes create tsunamis from Extreme tidal waves and From starting these waves the Higher Magnitude of earthquake is gaining the size of the tide. The tide will get larger and larger until it flows over and hits the beach. Some earthquakes 

2. How is tidal waves different from tsunamis? Tidal waves are caused by wind when tsunamis are caused mostly by earthquakes

 1. 0 - 0.25avg

 2. 1 - 1.75avg

 3. 5 - 4.25avg

 4. 9 - 5.5avg

 5. 3 - 5.25avg

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Treaty thing for social studies

 Its not that hard to create a treaty for the class, if people listen to you and take turns. I thought we would do this a the beginning of the year because we only have five weeks of school left and we just basically wasted our time doing this.

Friday, 30 October 2020

Science volcano erupting

 Today we erupted our volcano. here is how we did it and a picture/video.

- 25mL of hydrogen peroxide (wear gloves)

- 15mL of warm water

- 3 spatulas of potassium iodide into the warm water and stir


Friday, 16 October 2020

Another English thing

     Tomorrow, When the War Began-Revision

  1. The title of the Novel ‘Tomorrow, When the War Began’, suggests both the future and the past. Why do you think the author chose this title. To make it confusing for the reader/s.

  2. Homer and Lee reacted in different ways to Ellie’s camping trip invitation. Why? Consider the personality and the background of both boys and explain your ideas in your answer. Homer is an outdoorsy person and lives on a farm, while Lee doesn’t live on a farm, he doesn’t have the camping skills Homer might have.

  3. Ellie felt uneasy before she left Hell, and she had begun to make some connections. Why was she afraid to ask questions? She might break up her friendship with them.

  4. The role of leader immediately fell to Ellie’s shoulders when the group realised the calamity of the situation. Why was that a natural reaction? What about Ellie’s character inspired her friends to trust her as a leader? She was the one who wanted to go into ‘hell’, so she would get the role to lead them, she is also a trustworthy person and wouldn’t hurt anyone.

  5. Millie and Flip were the two main pets written about in the novel. If you were in Ellie’s or Kevin's situation, would you choose to endanger the group in an effort to keep your pet with you? Yes, I would do that because I love my pets, but they would be dead because they are fish, not dogs.

  6. Think about Homer. He was ‘wild, outrageous. He didn't care what he did or what anyone thought’; yet Homer turns out to make good decisions. Why did this transformation occur? When he noticed that everyone in Wirrawee was gone or disappeared .

  7. Robyn’s character is deeply religious. Why do you think the author added her character to the story? What sort of balance (or imbalance) does she bring? She might bring hope to the group.

  8. When Ellie found Chris asleep during his sentry duty, she was ultimately shocked at the violence of her reaction. Was her reaction justified? Explain your opinion? Yes, because that was the punishment she gave him, if someone got through and saw them, they could have all died, maybe except Chris.

  9. Kevin is depicted as a coward at the beginning of the book. Do you think he redeems himself at the end? Explain your opinion well, yes, he decided to sacrifice himself for who he loved.

  10. The group of teenagers broke many laws throughout the novel. Describe five actions they committed that broke a law. Do you think their actions were justified? Murder, hijacking, speeding, hit and run, assult, breaking and entering and stealing yes there is a war going on, so rules don’t apply at the moment.

  11. The novel was very much about the invasion of Australia, yet the relationships between the friends is documented quite often by Ellie. Why do you think that is? She was the one nominated to write what happens.

  12. Many invaders died in the novel, with no casualties in Ellie’s group. Do you think that it is fairer if the enemy dies? Or does it become fair when both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ sides die? No, the invaders should die because they took their land and tried to steal it.

  13. The novel reminds us that even in times of chaos and trauma, the human spirit will always triumph. Do you agree? Explain your opinion. Yes, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

  14. Do you think that it is friendship and family, and not revenge that provide the motives for the characters’ action in the novel? Explain your opinion. Yes, they love their parents and want to save them.

  15. There are four female and four male main characters in the story. Why do you think this is? Would the story be different if the ratio was changed? Might be because Ellie wanted it to be even, yeah it could change depending on what ratio would be changed.

  16. Tomorrow, When the War Began, shows us that war always brings out the worst in people. Do you agree? Use three examples from the text to support your opinion. No, Ellie became more of a leader and a better driver, Homer thought about what he wanted to say before he said it.

  17. Which character in the novel is the most ‘useless’ in your opinion, why? What could be changed about this character in order to make them more useful? Chris, because he wants to bring weed and smokes in Hell, if he didn’t do this and helped around a little bit it would change.

  18. What would you say was the overall message of the novel? What parting wisdom did John Marsden intend you to uncover in his story? Friendship is more powerful than war, everything doesn’t always go to plan.

  19. Whose voice is not heard in this story? Why do you think the author has not included their thoughts and opinions. Chris, because he was introduced about half way through the story.

  20. Create an argument and justification from the point of view of the invaders as to why the invasion was necessary and beneficial. They could breed more and their land was small so they needed it, there were resources that weren't on their island.

Thursday, 24 September 2020


 10RN LO: Write a paragraph about a challenge faced by a Character 

Plot line: 

  • Chapter 1-4 when they first leave to hell/they call their mates and plan before leaving to hell

  • Chapter 5-8

  • 5) They’re being lazy Camping in the clearing, trying to find motivation to go walking

  • 6) When they went back into the town they found there dogs have all died

  • 7) running away from the soldiers

  • Chapter 9-12

9(sentry duty, looking for Lee and Roybn, house blew up)

10(still looking for Lee and Roybn, found Lee and Roybn)

11(the car chase / picking lee up, stealing bmw . going to chris,find chris, sinking bmw in lake chris tells his story?)

12(they slept , chris fell asleep on  sentry duty, chris gets kicked

  • Chapter 13-16

  • Testing the transistor radio, they’re planning going back to Wirrawee organising the base in “hell”, and finding the hermit’s hut. 

  • Chapter 17- nysten and zapa: Reconnected with the rest of the group.

  • They only think two of the soldiers were killed by the ride on lawn mower and two were just ran over 

  • Chapter 18- Caitlin: Ellie talks about her status with lee and she talks about how they’re relationship has progressed. They’re planning their mission to get back at the soldiers.

  • Chapter 19 ian - they were hiding in the bushes patrolling the bridge and planning how to destroy the bridge..

  • Chapter 20 izzy- Ellie and Fi are stealing a truck and making a bomb with it.

  • Chapter 21 caMeron- getting the truck under bridge - being jealous of homer and fi- running with rope - the cattle run under bridge- almost getting shot again rope gets lit- fi realease inner pyromaniac - pop wheelies

  • Chapter 22/Epilogue pᴉʌɐⱭ - talked about a bridge exploding, seen Corrie shot, Kevin leaves with Corrie to take her to the hospital, they said their goodbyes and went back down to ‘Hell’. Kevin could have made up a story to where they was hiding, corrie got hit, they need to stay together

Challenges faced by Ellie

What does the challenge reveal about Ellie and her journey?

  1. Air Brakes

  2. Almost getting shots multiple times 

  3. Dogs die/ Dead dogs apart from millie

  4. Cow need to be kill 

  5. Assault

  6. Driving without lights

  7. Murder

  8. Corrie gets shot and letting kevin take her

  9. Finding she killed like 4 people

  10. Sinking bmw

  11. Getting lee in site equipment 

  12. Almost getting seen by soldiers when they shoot baby rabbit in no nothing 

  13. Car chase running over car

  14. Blowing up bridge

  15. Blowing up lawnmower

  16. Getting Lee

  17. Switching and hiding cars

  18. Choosing between Lee and Homer

  19. Life and death situation.

  20. Coming up with plans to survive

  21. Dealing with Chris.

  22. Driving the tanker under the bridge

  23. Trying to not get caught by the invaders..

Izzy - Ellie had to convince her parents to go on a camping trip

1.Thought the trucks had no no brakes so she drove the truck any way

2.She get almost get shot at when she is running to motor bikes 

3.Ellie is shown to be more of a leader when she has to deal with chris

4. Ellie thinks the cow is a good milker and knows that the best thing to do for the cow is put it out of its misery that show mercy

9. She feels scared and feared of her self 

10.She knows about her abilities learned from farm 


14.  Mission seems impossible.

12. She can climb a tree

13.she said she hated having to do this work  

20.Shows she's a very good/quick thinker

22. She drove the tanker under the bridge which could have scratched the top of the tanker and created sparks that could have fallen in the gasoline and exploded them and the bridge when they didn’t want it to.

She almost gets shot 

Describe at least one challenge faced by a character or individual in the written text. Explain how this challenge helped you to understand the character or individual. 

In Tomorrow when the War Began, an important character is Ellie. One of the challenges she faced was blowing up the bridge. It is a challenge because they didn’t know about all the things which could have gone wrong, there are a lot of risks involved like being shot, being blown up.n being seen or captured by the enemy. This challenge helped me understand Ellie because her actions and planning showed she had matured 




Adrenaline rushed


Cam and david(

It shows she is not afraid to go out on a lib and hope for the best

She will risk a limb for one of her friends and her lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

She will protect her friends for any cost

She likes to help friends and others

She feels sorrow for the enemy even though they almosted killz her